Who We Serve

For more than 50 years, Dykes Foodservice Solutions has developed exceptional, efficient spaces for customers across all industry markets. DFS offers commercial foodservice equipment and supplies, design solutions and consulting services to local, regional and national clients in the restaurant, hotel, healthcare, military and government, as well as the education and corporate industries, just to name a few. While we are not limited to only the group of industry markets listed below, it does represent a large percentage of the work we do within the foodservice industry. If you have a foodservice need, DFS can help you.

How We Serve

We service the following industries by listening to our customer’s needs, and developing the ideal layout or prototype. Thus giving the system operations team the ability to achieve their goal of providing quality food and exceptional service.

• Restaurant

• Hotel & Hospitality

• Corporate Dining

• Education

• Healthcare

Why We Serve

We serve our clients not only because we love what we do, but also because we experience great joy in seeing successfully completed projects. Our goal is to help you succeed in your operations, by giving you the right design and specification to do so. Whether it is a family of happy patrons enjoying great tasting food in a filled restaurant we designed, or your loved ones in a healthcare facility being served quality food from the staff and facility dietician, Dykes Foodservice Solutions takes pride in a job well done.